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June '24                  Group Exhibition, Black Swan Arts Gallery, Frome

Nov - Dec '23          Group Exhibition, Heart of the Tribe Gallery, Glastonbury

Oct '23                     Group Exhibition, Create@8 Gallery, Shepton Mallet

Oct '23                     Solo Exhibition, the Crown, Pilton, Somerset

June '23 - Present   Solo Exhibition, Loaf, Wells

April '23 - May'23     Dreamers are Welcome solo exhibition, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet

Apr '22 - Oct '22       Wild Things exhibition, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet

June'21 - Oct '21      Wizard of Woz group exhibition, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet

Aug'20 - Sep '20       Wells Art Contemporary. Community exhibition, Wells Cathedral

Oct’19                       Group Exhibition, Shepton on Show, Shepton Mallet

Oct‘19                       Group Exhibition, Somerset Art Weeks, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet 

Aug’19 - Jan ‘20       Solo Exhibition, The Sheppey, Godney 

July’19                      Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace, London


June ‘19                    Glastonbury Festival, Somerset 

April’19 - Oct’19        Group Exhibition, Alice in Rubbishland, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet 

Oct’18                       Group Exhibition, ‘Recycled, Reimagined,’ Hamilton House, Bristol 

Sept’18                     Group Exhibition, Sheptopia, Art Bank, Shepton Mallet 

Sept’17                     Group Exhibition, Somerset Art Weeks Festival, Pilton 

Oct'15                       Group Exhibition, Somerset Art Weeks Festival, Pilton 

 Jan - Feb'15            Solo Exhibition, Sub-Urban, Tacchi Morris Art Centre, Taunton 

Oct‘13 - Jan’14         Solo Exhibition, The English Upper Classes, Hubbub, London 


Oct ‘13- Oct'14         Curated ‘Why Do You Care’ Group Exhibition, Manor Hospital, Walsall 

Oct'13                      Curated ‘Creative Escape’ Group Exhibition, Sutton Coldfield Cancer Support Centre, Birmingham 

June - Sep'13          Solo Exhibition, Sub-Urban, Manor Hospital, Walsall 

May'13                    Group Exhibition, The Social Death Of Ray Crane,  A.E Harris, Birmingham


July-Sep'12             Group Exhibition, The Public Gallery, West Bromwich 

July'11                     Group Exhibition,  Woodbridge Gallery, Birmingham 


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